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I've issued a challenge to all of my friends who love TwiFic.

Donate at least $5 to a charity of your choice by 11:59PM January 24, 2010, to help Haiti, and you will receive a compilation of varying length pieces (not necessarily lemony, not necessarily TwiFic) from the following authors (in alpha order): 107yearoldvirgin, 22blue, 4lettrwrd, 4theluvofmary, 7 Stories, AccioBourbon, Adair7, addictedtotwilight79, afragilelittlehuman, ahizelm, AJ is My edward, AMayes, amelirawr, AmeryMarie, Amethyst Jackson, AngelAtTwilight, AngryBadgerGirl, annanabanana, antiaol, Aragornrocks, artbeatsandlife, Aspenleaf, aspire2write, AutumnDreamer, AzureEyedI, Babette12, bellasunderstudy1, Bella Baby24, bella c'ella luna, belli486, Bells. Just Bells., Bitten and Smitten, bonnysammy, brandy-d, braziliangirl2, BriannaMarley, Bronzehairedgirl620, Browns, bsmog, CarminMoon, catastrophes, CatMasters, charmizane, CherBella, ciaobella27, circe290, coldplaywhore, ColoursCollide, CorrinaTFF, cosmogirl7481, Crystaline Rose, cullen818, Dahlia J Black, daisy3853, Danell, dariachenowith, dark but so Lovely, Darkira, DarkMysteries24, DefinatelyStaying, Delilah Lovett, Desmosthenes91, DevilishPleasures, DirtyCullen, duskwatcher2153, EchoesOfTwilight, , EdwardsBloodType, einfach mich, EJ Santry, Elessar1201, EllaB twilight, ElleCC, emg78, enchanted-mind, EmraePenne, evieeden, eviekinz, eye ree, faerie kitten, , Fates-Love-Queen, Feisty Y. Beden, fiberkitty, Flightlessbird11, FloridaChickie, flute-genevive, funkymunky2511, gemmabobella, ginginlee, Gondolier, greeen goldfish, GreenEyedGirl17, Grendelsmother, grown.ass.woman, HappyMess, HappyWanderer, heather dawn, hippogriff-tamer, his-tweet, His Sparklyness, Hmonster4, HookaShewz, hopeful wager, Hubert24601, hunterhunting, IHateCleanBreaks, ilsuocantante,In.a.blue.bathrobe, Infinitypoet, IngenueFic, ItzMegan73, IvyandLime, jadedandboring, jajo, Jakeward, JandMsMommy, jennde, JenniP, JenRar, jessypt, jjuliebee, juliebutterfly, Kassiah, katinki, katmom, Kay Cannon, kimbercullen, kimpy0464, KiyaRaven, KnittingVamp7, KrisBCullen,kyla713, La.Tua.Cantante.83, LadyQE, ladyrip, LaraIsAwkward, LaViePastiche, Le Crepuscule, Leelan Oleander, legna989, letmesign, LexyW, Lillybellis, littlesecret84, lizconno, LJ Summers, LolaShoes, luvrofink, Lynyrd Lionheart, Lyxa, M-Loves-Lemons, mac214, magan bagan, manyafandom, marie0912, MasenVixen, MBella, MeadowC, Megsly, Melissa228, mischief-maker1, mistresselektra, miztrezboo, mjinaspen, Mombailey, Mrs.EdwardxoxoxoCullen, Mrs.Robward, MrsAC, MrsKatyCullen, MrstheKing, mskathy, MyEdiction, naelany, nerac, nicnicd, NicoleTwilight, ninapolitan, nitareality, nostalgicmiss, nowforruin, ObsessingOverEdward, OCDJen, OhMyWord, onePushyfox, PerfectlyPersuasive, philadelphic, phoenixhunter47, preciousfairymom80, PrettyInPrint, profmom72, qjmom, QuestionXisting, rachelcullen77, rmhale, Raven Jadewolfe, RobotMoose, Rosalynn, Rosmarina, Saiyachick, SallyJupiter, ScarlettLetters, sconnolly318, SebastienRobichaud, Sempathy, sepideh9, Shaelove, shalu, ShinyVolvoLurver, Silk and Steel, SinAndShame, siouxchef, sleepyvalentina, smmiskimen, Snowqueens Icedragon, SnowWhiteHeart, snshyne, SorceressCirce,sparagus, starfish422, StarlightSuccubus, stupidsuckedinreader, SusanAshlea, SweetDulcinea, swill122, tarasueme, tby789, teacupsNmints, tellingmelies, thai flower, TFX, ThatPanicGirlE, The Sound and The Fury, The Very Last Valkyrie, theladyingrey42, tima, tjbaby, tnuccio, twanza, TwiBoy, Twilighter620, twitina, u2shay, unicornhime, vampluvr25,Vixen1836, wandb, wantmywifeback, windycitywonder, WriteOnTime, wuogkat, xXGirlofMagicXx, yesyov. Are you an author that would like to contribute? Get all of the details here, and fill out the fast and easy form.

I'm tracking the receipts as I get them - if every one of my Twitter followers donated just $5, we'd donate over eight THOUSAND dollars. Let's help, ladies!

Forward me a copy of the receipt - be sure to delete your personal details - to be added to my list. I will email the story on 01/25. You have until 01/24 to make your donation and be added.

If you already donated through your cell phone, please forward a copy of the text to your email address, then bounce that to twifans4haiti@gmail.com so I have both the donation amount and your email address.

Do international donations count? YES! If it's to an organization and marked for Haiti relief, it counts.

You can find a whole list of relevant places to donate by clicking here and here, and how to avoid scams here.

You can email me your donation receipt here (twifans4haiti@gmail.com).

How much have you raised so far, fandom?

47 Response to "Haiti"

  1. You're almost too good to be true. <3 Here's hoping for more than 8k!

    I think it's great you did this! I donated through my phone, but no story needed. The fact that you did this at all is a reward. Thanks!

    chele681 says:

    As always, you restore my faith in humanity, one little gift of yourself at a time. While I was already compelled to contribute and had done so yesterday morning, your generosity has prompted me to dig deeper and give more today.

    This is a great thing you're doing!

    As a reader of Twific and someone who has visted Haiti several times and cares deeply for people that live there, I am so pleased to see two things that I never imagined to become connected, to do exactly that.

    Thank you for helping raise awareness and funds about a nation and people I care for, through the means of my secret Hobby :)

    Please let me know what I can do.

    Annie says:

    Mskathy, you're a sweetheart for organizing this. Also, to all the authors that hopped on board with you....I am continually grateful to be part of this fandom.


    GreenPuma says:

    Go Twifans, go!

    Liz says:

    Wow - TFGB is amazing. Thanks MsKathy!

    ggsophie says:

    that is amazing once again the fandom does amazing things :)

    You are amazing MsKathy!!!!

    This is a brilliant idea, and I cannot wait to be a part of it!! Hope you get my submission soon!
    ~Angela (AngelAtTwilight // angieswenson)

    I am going to donate here for sure...I am going through my house this weekend and gathering all the close we don't wear anymore, all my little boy's bottles, sippy cups, clothes...his old baby bed...I plan to go get formula from the store...This is a great thing you are doing here? Do you mind if I tweet a link to your Blog.
    Please let me know!

    My3chicks says:

    MsKathy, thank you for organizing this! It is truly amazing what we, as a fandom, can achieve when we pull together Thank you, also, to the incredibly talented authors who have donated their time and energy to this cause.


    Anonymous says:

    Hi, I made a donation, but I can't see the email address to forward it to. I clicked on here, but I dont't see an email address there. Thanks for setting all of this up!

    Kath & Co, we already know that the Twific fans are generous, but let me just reiterate that this is such a GREAT way to motivate the fandom to give (once again).

    Thanks for putting this together.


    reesessweetie says:

    wow. you ladies are just wonderful!!!!!! your dedication to help the victims in haiti is soo marvelous and very generous and giving. it's times like these that i'm soo proud to be a part of the twific fandom. no words can express how i am feeling at this moment for you ladies and the organizers and contributors of this. you're all soo freakin' great!

    Lacy says:

    Love this!! Thanks for organizing this effort ... helping out those in indescribable need and giving us some amazing reading material at the same time!

    twilightbloom says:

    Kudos to you ms kathy and to everyone involved in this. And I'd say you kinda blew over that goal of 8 grand-way to go fandom!!


    You guys are amazing!

    Amanda says:

    Bless you for doing this for the people in Haiti. It's people like you that make all the difference in our world.

    Anonymous says:

    wow. 36k already? that's incredible. Every story has been updating with a note about this effort. i think it's a wonderful thing you've done.

    you are fucking incredible. $36k? do you know how many people that money will help over? it's crazy.

    you constantly astound =)

    and sometimes, our fandom really and truly kicks ass. I LOVE YOU.


    Vera says:

    "It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little- do what you can."
    -Sydney Smith

    Thank you Ms Kathy for reminding us all to give a little. x

    itsange says:

    This is an amazing amount of money! Good job fandom!

    I cant afford much but I do know that even a small amount can make a big difference. I am glad I can help and I look forward to the compilation piece you all are writing.

    Hi MsKathy,
    I think what your doing is Awesome! Thank you for all the time and dedication spent on helping. I sent you a e-mail with a copy of my receipt.
    I am requesting "TO" scenes.
    My first choice would be THE UPSTAIRS BATHROOM scene.(When Edward took Bella to the Cullens for dinner with Mike Newton.) That was intense.
    If I can request another it would be THEIR FIRST NIGHT IN SEATTLE TOGETHER and the morning after when Edward tells Bella that "I DON'T WANT TO WALK OUT THAT DOOR AND LOSE WHAT WE FOUND IN THIS ROOM". That second night together also. I am being greedy. Sorry. I loved the story so much and I miss getting to read it when ever I want.
    Thank you again,

    WOW! It that $ correct? Together the fandom has donated almost 50k? That's AMAZING!

    Thank you MsKathy for organizing this relief effort incentive.

    You ROCK!

    I can't afford to donate more than $5 right now, but my next disability check comes in on the 31st, so I'll be able to donate more then. It astounds me how bad it was there before the earthquake, and how much worse it is now! I wish I could do more. :( Hopefully, once I finish nursing school, I'll be able to travel to where I'm needed to truly help those in need. Thank you so much for putting together this donation drive! What a great idea!

    Mama Kitty

    td2592 says:

    Thanks MsKathy, this is amazing!!!!

    Eagles17 says:

    +$62 M!?!?

    I love this fandom! =)

    I would donate normally, but having a fanfic gift is amazing - I cannot thank you enough. You are such an inspiration to all of us.

    You have a big and kind heart. Hope you reach the amount you want.

    Anonymous says:

    Dang! Missed the deadline...any chance of an extension??

    MsKathy says:

    Anonymous - check back, I will be posting about how to get a copy after this initial round goes out! :)

    Anonymous says:

    Did I miss the email with the attachment?

    Anonymous says:

    Has the story been sent out yet?

    MsKathy says:

    Anonymous -- please see my most recent blog post :) The compilations did not go out yesterday, but WILL go out today.

    KW says:

    Before I start reading this epic book – I just wanted to say thank you. First, for being the spark that started this entire endeavor, involving so many authors and then so many donors who raised over $75K – it just shows what one person with a huge heart can accomplish! Second, for putting together this book (in two days!!!) that’s laid out so nicely for us … with a table of contents and illustrations no less – really incredible! I’m probably not going to stop reading for a long, long time – but wanted to thank you and the other authors before I dove in…

    Min says:

    Mskathy, I have just sent through an email :)

    Thank you for extending this and for all yours and fellow authors efforts for Haiti xoxox

    Min xo

    Anonymous says:

    PLEASE tell me how to help out by donating and how to get a copy ??
    I have been trying to figure it out in my tiny brain for ages and have noticed that I have missed the deadlines.
    I'm in the UK, will this make donating a problem, it doesn't really seem to be as prevalent over here ?
    Elle xx

    MsKathy says:

    Elle- You can still make a donation, per the guidelines above, and send it to twifans4haiti@gmail.com -- I'm slowly processing the stragglers :)

    Anita says:

    Hope it isn't too late! I made a donation back in Jan but never got a chance to send you the receipt. I just sent to the above email address. Thanks in advance!

    Anonymous says:

    Wow. This is amazing. I'm a Haitian (living in the U.S.) and I'm amazed at how much people are caring, I want to that have donated, I've donated myself, hope it's not too late :) Thanks again.

    Ms Kathy, I know that I'm way too late, but just in case, can I still donate?

    MsKathy says:

    babsiebaby - YES! YES, yes, yes. :) Just send the receipt directly to me - mskathy at gmail and I will send you the compilation.

    heatherbella says:

    Hey MsKathy, I know that I am even later, but can I still donate too? I already donated to the Haiti fund at work but I can definitely spare a few more pounds for such a good cause.

    Thanks, and PS. You are amazing, $75000 - that figure just blows me away.

    Hello MsKathy - later than late - can I donate even at this late stage - I have already donated thru Itunes (as I am in the UK) but I would be very happy to donate some more..thanks.

    MsKathy says:

    Absolutely, brugganeer - you can send me any of your receipts and that will suffice. :)

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